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Moby wrap for babywearing

September 6, 2017


As a mother of two georgous little girls who tends to find the most comfy and satisfying way of being the best possible parent, I have tried a lot of products. Some were really useful for me, some ridiculous..and I have decided to share my experience and my fave finds.


I am a huge fan of babywearing and I believe with all my heart and soul that in your arms is where your little one is meant to be. :) There are no happier babies than the ones carried close to your heart. I have tried 4 wraps and 1 carrier before I found the perfect one for us - for now.


Our very first one to experiment with was The Moby wrap, which is a 100% cotton stretchy wrap. It is slightly stretchy, very firm yet soft and very nice quality. They sell them in many colours so you can get the best for you.


My first try with it was a complete disaster though. :D As a person with no experience I felt hopeless and clumsy and gave up as soon as my daughter started crying.


When I got back to it after watching several tutorial videos and practised with a baby doll, I felt almost like a hero after my first (almost) successful atempt, what was even better - my baby liked it too and slept for hours. From that moment I was hooked, we haven´t spent a single day without babywearing ever since. I love it, we love it! :) 


The way to use a stretchy wrap is slightly different to woven wraps and since I used both types I highly recomend the stretchy one for newborns and tiny babies, here is why :


1.- The material is much softer and more comfy for a tiny baby, you can easily slide the baby´s head in and be sure it´s gentle and soft enough, yet it supports your baby´s head.


2.- You can put your baby´s legs inside the inner pockets, like that the baby is in different position to the one with legs sticking out, it´s like if your baby rests on your chest with her bottom supported. The position with legs out is a sitting position where you need to make sure the knees of the little one are in a higher position than her bum and that can be a little stresful with such a tiny baby - at least for me it was. So up to 1 month (at least) I prefer the legs inside the pocket, but that is only my personal experience of course.