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  • Gabriela Ottova

The beautifully mysterious Chriby

Chiby is a 335 square kilometer nature park, a part of the Central Moravian Carpathiants.

This time we chose to visit the amazing natural monument Kazatelna near the Cimburk castle ( we have visited the castle this summer already ). Kazatelna is an 8m high rock formation with carved steps ( probably made in the middle ages ) and a beautiful dramaticaly looking cross. The shortest trail ( red ) suitable even for smaller children starts at U krizku and offers other lovely natural attractions like the 22m high rock Kozel, or the deliciously refreshing spring U misy.

Although the average time to reach the destination Kazatelna is around 25 minutes, we took 2 hours :D . There was a lot of breaks for snacks and photography. The bottom line is we loooove this place and can´t wait to see more of this beautiful region.


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