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  • Gabriela Ottova

visiting Slunakov - the Center for Ecological Activities of Olomouc

This was our second trip to Slunakov, the girls were really excited to come back.

color photo of a bright colored peacock butterfly resting on a spring flower on the green background

Besides the original artistic installations placed throughout the landscape, this place offers variety of outdoors activities for kids and playful adults. With a bag of various tools and instruments you can fulfill the tasks on your way through the area. Or you can just simply enjoy the smell of flowers and listen to the singing birds.

My personal favorite is The Garden of Eden. Probably the prettiest spot of all.

The Garden of Eden

The garden is a peaceful place filled with herbs and flowers, bees and butterflies, oh and the center piece - the fountain - most attractive for the kids of course. :)

While I could just sit in the blooming and buzzing garden for hours, it is The Solar Mountain what keeps the kids busy for more than 30 minutes !!

It´s an artificially made ,cave like, dark internal space with a well in the center. The stone walls are hiding beautiful large semi precious gem stones all over the cave and it is fun for the kids to seek them out as a part of the adventure game.

The Solar Mountain

All in all Slunakov is a lovely place to visit with kids and very likely we will be back. :)

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